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19 February 2016

Mummy Guilt

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When my son was 6 weeks old I had a conversation with my husband it went something like this...

Me: I'm so tired, my back is killing me from all the feeding, I need a massage.

OH: You should book in for a massage petal...

Me: I can't I'm feeding, he will probably need a feed right when I'm having my treatment, he'll scream blue murder, I'll have one another time.

3 months later...

Me: I'm so exhausted, this is killing me, my god my back is sore and my head is killing me, I so need some time out..

OH: You should have a massage petal, or go to a spa...I can give him a bottle, it'll be fine.

Me: Saturdays are one of the few days I can spend time with Darcey, you work all week, last thing you need is to have them both all day on your day's fine I'll do it another time.

And so it went on. Always the need, always the willingness of the other half or mother or friend to help out and watch the little people for the hour or so but always the nagging feeling in my mind that I was either putting people out with my 'extravagence' or being needy when we all know that Mothers should be anything but.

I did have the occassional treatment during this time but during the half hour or hour I found it impossible to switch off always thinking about what needed to be done when I got home, worrying about what was going on in the outside world convinced that my loved ones would be pining after me, in a state of panic until I raced back through the doors, my guilt at my hour off leaving me to overcompensate and delete any benefit of the massage with renewed stress.

And it wasn't just me that was going through this moral dilemna. I spoke to friends who were breastfeeding so needed to be on hand, on demand. Those who didn't have family around to help, whose partners worked different shift patterns to them, who couldn't or didn't feel right about leaving their babies or children at home while they went off to do yoga, have a massage, afternoon tea. We were all united in our desperate need for some 'me' time and a bit of pampering but life, and probably a bit of good old mothers guilt, was preventing us from getting what we need. And it's not just mothers that could benefit with some time to themselves to take some excercise, have a massage, focus on themselves, Dad's are also feeling the strain of juggling work and family.

So I decided to do something about it. I would create a retreat where parents could come and take classes, have treatments, get some rest and rejuvination in a stressfree environment. It's stress free because their babies and children would be being cared for on-site. Close to hand for breastfeeding or reassurance but being cared for and entertained by qualified professionals who would ensure they were having as wonderful a time as their parents.

And because a woman becomes a mother from the moment she becomes pregnant I wanted to give pregnant women an opportunity to rest and relax bodies strained from pregnancy and enjoy some 'me' time before the challenges ahead with our pregnancy packages.

It's my hope that our retreats will provide families with a chance to escape the stress of modern day parenting and leave them rejuvinated and ready to take on any challenges ahead...

Erin xx

To request our packages menu or to make a booking please email or call 07864964496

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