Petit PA

About Us

Erin O'Toole "The Mum"

Petit P.A Founder/Director

When I became pregnant with my first child I was working as a television producer for one of Britain's biggest broadcasters. Despite my best intentions I honestly didn't have the time or energy to organise everything I needed to ahead of the birth of our baby. Hastily surfing the web and making rushed purchases on the weekend left me confused, exhausted and quite honestly "over it". The end result was costly, with mistakes including equipment that did not suit our personal needs and unneccessary items taking the place of things we later found out would have made our lives so much easier. Instead of spending my last baby free weeks relaxing I spent them racing around the shops trying to fill hospital bags and finding out about all the things I should have known about months before.

It got me thinking about how other busy women were coping with work and preparing for a baby, and I realised many of them were struggling. So I decided to create a service that helps women find that balance that can often seem unattainable. Where some professionals have Personal Assistants to organise their working life, some women could benefit from having a P.A to focus solely on their pregnancy and preparing for life with a baby. 

In a world where there are never enough hours in the day, using a Petit P.A will enhance your pregnancy experience. We will work behind the scenes to ensure your pregnancy is organised to the utmost, leaving you to focus on enjoying the most special time in your life. You will go into this exciting, but often daunting, new chapter, feeling prepared and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.



Nicola Dunne "The P.A"

Operations Manager

When I met Erin, I knew immediately that my vast experience working as an Executive PA was exactly what her company needed. I have worked alongside high powered, inspirational women for over 7 years. This has given me a deep understanding about the kind of support and encouragement a women under pressure needs. I know exactly how to manage the busiest or most complicated of schedules by being super-efficient, organised and managing time accurately. With our Pregnancy Advisors trained in these valuable skills, our clients can expect to be serviced to an exceptionally high standard no matter their circumstances.